hey guysi’m ba…

hey guys

i’m back -Marguerite

Camp: Part 2

Right, I don’t even know why I’m doing this, probably so I don’t forget myself. So here goes.

Day 4 Thursday July 19th- so that day most of the ‘popular’ kids went off to ‘mini camp’ in the afternoon, including Jo. And I hung out with Lucie, who is really really nice. She tells me a few secrets, that she wants to ‘go out’ with Jo’s friend Loic, that Gladys, another girl has a crush on one of the anims Damien and that Emma actually asked Jo out on the second day and that Thomas asked Emma out and both were rejected. Also we reconciled each other being the only girls whom Thomas didn’t hug and things.

A note on the ‘going out’ thing. At camp, I think, going by conservative estimates, we had a total of a dozen couples over a  time span of two weeks, so a three day relationship was considered long term. I kept away from ‘dating’, not that anyone wanted to date me, apart from maybe Thomas, but I’ll get to that, as I said later.

This day was also, I have now realised the anniversary of this blog! A pity that neither of us were able to write something that day but anyway- our blog’s one year old!

Day 5 Friday July 20th- this day we went to mini-camp, which involved going to another campsite quite close to the camp site we were at, where we went on pedalos, had a barbeque and toasted marshmallows around a campfire. That night the two animateurs who were with us- Damien and Apolline, left the tents after lights out and immeadiately everyone started talking really loudly and shouting and joking. The three girls in my tent, Chloe, a bossy pushy girl, Gladys, her friend and Lucie went out to go look for the animateurs, so the people left behind were just all ‘screw them’ and at one point they were like ‘let’s do something to their tent, yeah!’

‘Hang on, there’s still Dominique in their tent.’

‘C’est qui, Dominique?’ (Who’s this Dominique of which you speak of?)

‘C’est la Chinoise.’ (She’s the Chinese person.)

‘Oh elle est sympa.’ (Oh yeah, she’s nice)

Followed by a chorus of agreements and I was all ‘aww yeah’, haha.

It went on like this for about two hours and I didn’t get any sleep at all, even though I feigned slumber for half of it because I really didn’t want to talk to anybody. So then of course when they got back we were in deep shit and got yelled at.

Day 6 Saturday 21st July- that day we ate breakfast in silence and waited to go back to the camp site in whispers, we cycled back and for the rest of the day, I can’t remember what we did. Oh well, it’s not like any of our Yowrubs care anyway.


Back from camp!

Just got back from camp yesterday and wow… there’s just so much to write, I do not know where to begin, ok… I’m going to write about the first few days of camp and as much as I can remember.

The camp site consisted of one big room for meals and activities and a kitchen and showers and toilets and behind a camp site with a circle of tents and a lake behind. The swimming pool was fifteen minute walk away. There was one manager called Guillaume who was a short chubby friendly man. And five young animateurs (I’m not sure what it is in English, moniters?) Damien, Appoline, Alyssa, Nathan and Manon; who were all super nice and friendly; and a chef Mathieu, who was Guillaume’s little brother and cool as well.

Day 1 Monday July 16th- arrived at the camp site in the early afternoon. Walked with a group to and from the swimming pool and the fields. Didn’t talk to anyone and it was all a little bit awkward. Another group arrived shortly afterwards and got talking to a few other girls. Ended up in the same tent with girls called Angelique and Jessie. Soon realised that they’re both quite awkward and shy and that Angelique is a bit of neurotic pain in the hooha. Played getting to know people games in the evening after a silent and awkward dinner.

Day 2 Tuesday July 17th- in the morning me and a team of eight made a timetable for the rest of the days. In the afternoon we did orienteering where you have to go into the small woods and use a compass to find marker things. I was in a team with Chloe (la grande, we had two of them), Jessie, Elodie, Margaux (la petite, we had two of them too) and Laura. We did really badly actually and Angelique joined us at the end, worse luck. In the evening we played Loup Garou, which is quite a fun game, look it up.

Day 3 Wednesday July 18th- I can’t remember what happened in the morning I think we played capture the flag which was hard because we were playing in a field that went up hill. In the afternoon we went to the swimming pool but only got about half an hour in the pool. In the evening we all had to gather in the salle before a barbeque outside for dinner and we were told there was a thief in the camp and that after dinner we had to go upstairs one by one and the thief would have a chance to put what they’d stolen (a few cameras and some money) in the box anonymously but of course no one did and then we had to go one by one  to have our stuff searched in our tents and stuff but we found nothing so in the end we all went to bed.

So in the beginning of the camp I was mostly stuck with the quiet awkward people and at meal times I wanted to kill myself from boredom because it was seriously mind numbingly dull, like no one would talk or anything. Jo was already in with the cool kids in the beginning, from playing table tennis I think and making friends with this really nice guy called Loik but then I played table tennis and card games with them too and that was good. The ‘cool’ kids at first were Emma, Noellie, Lucie, Blanche, Gladys, Chloe and Thomas. A word on Thomas- he was this tall attractive guy who was friendly with girls, and I mean really friendly like he was hugging them and putting his arm around them all the time. I think, I don’t know, at first he paid attention to me but I was kind of shy and didn’t really say anything and I think he lost interest. And then on Wednesday he started to sort of pay attention to me and then he didn’t and I didn’t actually like him, I liked the fact that he was paying attention to me but more on that later.

It was also on Day 3 that I realised the inherent hotness of one of the anims- Nathan. Oh my god he was hot, something I realised when we went to the swimming pool. He was just so beautiful and he had these amazing blue eyes and when he smiled, shit… but more on him later.

Going to write about Day 4, 5 and 6 tomorrow hopefully.


See ya next month.

Yoooooo guyyyzzzzzz,
I’m leaving tomorrow to Canada, so I wont post for a month ………

So for the past 2weeks I was in Bretagne with my cousins, and well we met people on the beach, and so now we have a big group of friends!! But most importantly in the group there was an italian,16,tanned, with muscle guy, named Edouard. And ohmygod he was hot. And we flirted a lot, and we would cuddle a lot and stuff, but in the end he didnt kiss me because he said he had a girlfriend, but he said he liked me quite a lot……. I just summarized the story, but basically im really depressed right now, well because he DIDN’T kiss me.
But oh well. I’ll see him next year 😉

Tomorrow, Canada. Im stressed.
Im packing, and im soooooo scared tp forget something :/ like whatif I forget my toothbrush???????? Aaahaswnjdjwdjwjbdbdbdjrjjdj. Brb, gonna kill myself.

Its so hot in Paris right now…….. I gotta go packing 😥

Talk to ya guyz in a monthhhhh


I don’t want to go…

So… off to camp today… argh argh argh. Having second thoughts now and getting nervous. A whole two weeks!!!! Shit, what if I hate it or nobody likes me. Oh dear. So I won’t be posting for two weeks, I’m going to miss the privileges of wifi. Sob, goodbye to you all. Eeeeeeeeeeeee.


News at 6

Just searched up ‘quacking girl’ on YouTube again, M comes out third I think…? Watched it again and was duly amused, also it has 7 views! Fine, it is probably us two, but you know…

So right now I am at my grandparent’s home in Brittany, going to have fun here… yes yes yes, going to read and watch TV and cook on bad days; go to the beach and go visit stuff and go to parks on good days!

On Monday I am going to camp, kind of nervous because a) it’s going to be in French, all of it; b) it’s for two weeks; c) I am really out of shape and it’s a sport camp and d) worried about packing- M’s anxiety over that particular issue has affected me now, thanks a lot.

What else? Oh yes… For the World Scholars Cup, Bangkok was the Finals but the top 20% get to go to Yale for another tournament and in Bangkok they listed the teams that would be going, none of the teams in our year qualified. However… PLOT TWIST… they sent out an email announcing a second wave of qualifiers- because Yale had expanded their venue space or something- and our team was on the list!!!! I had got the email but hadn’t even bothered to open the list because I never in a million years thought we would qualify, but a girl in another team did and told us!!!! We could go to Yale!!! OMG was so excited. But I might not be allowed to go because the Hong Kong trip and the Bangkok trip were already mucho expensive, but hopefully the school will cough up some money to sponsor us because YALE!!!

Ok thats all folks…


Eeeeeergh. Bored.

Am at cousin’s house. Sooo boring. My cousin is at school but even if she was here, it would be booorrring. So I’m doing my homework right now.

Left M’s on Saturday, even though originally we thought it was going to Sunday which meant that it was good we have the whole of Friday together. We went to Oxford St and bought nice bags at American Apparel!

Had delicious crêpes in Hampstead Heath, and then we went back to hers, got our luggage to go to Victoria Station, where we met my cousin’s family.

That afternoon we went to Tate Britain which was soo soo awesome, I should go to art galleries more.

Yesterday our friends Olivia and Helena came over and we watched Wimbledon- poor Murray, but I still love Federer- and ate lunch and played Articulate, which was hilarious; and played the murder game, which Olivia made up a few years back and is kind of a tradition that we play. We had so much fun!

But they left, as friends always do, and today, I am kind of bored out of my skull. It is very awkward here in this house. Herrrrrgh.

Miss you M


Blondie and Brunette: A Day In London

Check out our video guys, us terrorizing Londonnnnnnnnnnn: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VydxEEi4REo&feature=youtu.be

Also, we found this hilarious video of some quacking girl. Who is she? Nobody knows…: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEYd35r-l3E&feature=plcp

The Olive Letter (coz olive is not only a fruit and a name, but also a colour)

We ended up watching neither The Notebook or Notting Hill, instead we watched Easy A, which Marguerite bought at W.H.Smith today- more on that in the next post, if it ever loads that is.
So Easy A, which I won’t spoil for you if you haven’t watched it, holds a pretty good cast with Emma Stone and Stanley Tucci, both of whom I like a lot; and Lisa Kudrow and Penn Badgley, whom I know and are ok.

This was not a bad movie. It wasn’t like your average feel good teen flick, it dealt with a few serious issues, albeit in hyperbole and satire, but with them nonetheless. It was not like, Citizen Kane good (and here I shall state that yes I did watch that film and yes I did get the message it conveyed but no I do not see how it is thought of as film of the century) but for a film with blond bible-bashing bitches (oooh alliteration, 10 points for me) it wasn’t bad. Strong and intelligent-but-not-infallible female lead, quirky laid back family, over the top bitchy friend, sweet guy friend turned boyfriend, it ticked quite a lot of the chick flick boxes but managed to be quite original.

First of all Emma Stone was good in it, and her character was intelligent and witty, which is always good. Secondly, with her and the (undisclosed) male lead, there were no unbelievable long oggling moments or staring into the distance when they leave sort of things that I can’t stand in romcoms or rom-anything, it was quite natural and more believable.

The favourite thing for me was Emma Stone’s character Olive’s complete kick ass don’t-give-a-fuckery in the film. She was absolutely comfortable with her body, her environment, herself and it’s kinda inspiring. Why do we care so much about what other people think? Sure Emma Stone has got an amazing body and a face to match but, I don’t know, it sort of makes you want to go ‘up yours’ to the world.

Another thing about this film that there was no moral to it. There was no cheesy voice over at the end going ‘hey I messed up but you know what? In the end, it didn’t matter, because I have learnt from my mistakes.’ Bitch please, nobody learns from their mistakes- take parachuters for instance. In life, there are no morals. Those stories that leave us with morals are written by idiots who think that life is plain sailing if you adhere to a number of easy-to-follow rules. Life is not black and white and that is something that is so simple and so very complex at the same time (which sounds like I’m trying to be pretentious, but I’m not, honestly). Easy A was about someone who made a really big mistake, but she dealt with it, and it doesn’t try to shove it’s cheesy life lesson down your throat.

Edit: adding more, ’cause… reasons. For once in a teen flick about an American high school, the goodie goodie kids are the antagonists and the rumour ridden girl is the protagonist because the goodie goodie religious kids can be mean too.

Also, literary allusions- I like very much.

And yeah, so I guess in would recommend it, because it was also quite funny, which was probably the point of the film, not really what I talked about here.


Location: Marguerite’s room, LONDON

Dom: Hello!!! It’s the two of us, double the craziness, double the stupidity!! It is a *drumroll s’il vous plait* TWO PERSON POST!!!! And yes, M is off school today and we get to spend the day together, whoo! Over to M…
Marguerite: yeah people,we are reunited, and so ve are unbrrrreakable.
And you couldn’t think of anything more inspirational that? Sigh…so I don’t know what exactly what we’re going to do today. Hopefully go out even though it’s raining here, but I love London anyway. We might watch The Notebook or Nottinghill (Ehehe I just wrote nittinghill, like…knitting hill, ahahaha) so yeah…
I still don’t know how you haven’t seen those movies yet, it’s like, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE??!! Anyways, so we might just visit, but the weather is really shitty
…. But you know it’s England! And we might do a tiny bit of shopping because I have to buy last minute summer stuff!

God I have so much stuff to buy. It’s so great to see M again eeeee, now she’s mouthing to Justin Bieber songs… what. I had to steal her BlackBerry just then to check if it’s Beiber or Bieber, whoops. Now we have to buy milk, so passing the iPad back to Blondie.
I’m going to have a heart attack. *..kvljnsdfkjvnsdfvnsdfnvjosnfvosdf* you DON’T forget how to write Bieber,it’s just….just NO.
I have to buy like shampoo, and stuff like that….

Ugh, whatever calm the eff down ;] going to buy milk now, buy my yowrubs, love you.
bye bye guys, love youuuuu. *MWAH*

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